The paintings

This Paintings page is the entry point to view almost the entire collection of paintings completed since 1962. Yes, 1962. The work spans this painters reflections on art and artists for a good part of my life. Thus far.

The paintings are categorized by series. Each series appears below from left to right in chronological order beginning with California, 1949-1975, until finding us here at El Dorado, Arkansas, in 2016. The last oil I've done was Waiting at Del Rio in the Aviation Series and completed in 2011. The recent years from 2011 until this update in 2016 have been devoted to photography. More about that at the Photography link above..... Now I have put down the camera and am returning to painting full time.

Each Series is a record of work produced during or after living (flying), or visiting, in the region. To view all the paintings within a Series click on it's title below. The Series page opens with a thumbnail-images-list beginning with the most recent painting completed on the region. In some of the larger Series like California, there will be scrolling to do to arrive at the early works. If a particular image of the painting on the Series page catches your eye, click on the thumbnail image for a somewhat larger view and text with provenance, etc.

We have done our best through photoshop to truthfully recover and replicate the colors of the original painting. Neverthless, we should be reminded that no matter how hard we try, color accuracy will immediately degrade from the original painting even with the most professional photography. No reproduction process can completely match the original (yet). Worse, the colors on your computer monitor may, most likely will, differ from mine. Oh pixel, where is thy mercy! Worst of all, the photographs of the paintings done prior to 2007 were taken only to provide an photo record of the painting. I never considered that they would someday appear on something called the internet, let alone a website.


Whats New

Ohio River Valley Series, "The Watertower from the Ohio River at Louisville 2007 - summer evening  light"Ohio River Valley Series - "Farm Road - October afternoon in Floyd County, Indiana"Aviation Series - "Old control tower at Del Rio"

To view a series just click on its title below.

California Series Marshal Boatworks

Cadaques Series Cadaques harbor with fishing boats

Lipsos Series Lipsos Church #3

Virginia Series The Pink House, Waterford

Saudi Arabia Series Summer in the old city - Riyahd 1977

Florida Series Top pf West Hill Street - Nassau

Nova Scotia Series Late summer fog at Prospect Harbor

Big Horn Series Abandoned corral near the Crazy Woman River

Ohio River Valley Series Louisville riverfront

Marine Series HMS Serapis

Aviation Series Checking out the target at El Centro